Today, the world of technology is standing at a point where it has witnessed so many changes and evolutions and is perhaps the only sector where change is the biggest constant. The world is dependent on technology not just in the business realm but also in the day to day life of a common man. The technology users are spread across all geographies, all demographics and all cultures b2b email database.

Its strong presence makes it perhaps the most difficult in data collection too and therefore the need for expertise in providing technology users accurate lists for the purpose of selling products of such nature to the various businesses or consumers globally.

B2B Data Quest has been custom building databases of technology users of various platforms across the globe. Our strong technology dataset covers 373k companies and over 1M profiles across the globe. The technology data covers the users of Adobe, SAP technology users, Microsoft users, Amazon SES, Oracle, CRM/ERP, Salesforce, Shopify, Solid works etc, these technology users from various leading companies is collated, verified, compiled and tabulated and ready for end-use by various companies. Such firms which deal with high-quality technology users lists are the ones.