What’s in store after the Pandemic hit businesses?

A lot in going to change in terms of how you run your business, how you’re going to spend for your business and your priorities would change drastically from then and now. Every penny you spend will count and the smartest will get through this fast b2b data providers uk.


It’s time for every business owners, sales and marketing professionals to re-evaluate their marketing strategies and adopt a method that won’t cost much and yet drive desired responses and sale closures. Every marketer and business owner will agree that email marketing is still the cheaper form on lead generation. Over 350M dollars were spend on email campaigns during the year 2019 and it’s predicated that in 2020, $500M will be spent on email campaigns by Corporates.


Yes, email is the solution ahead for lead generation, provided you choose the right vendor. With more than 1000 data sellers and marketers, it’s a challenge to choose the right data and service provider who understands your requirement. Some of our key guidelines towards selecting a data provider will be the following –


  1. Check the number of years they have been in the business by checking their domain age. If they’re old they will have strong data hold and high experience in the field.
  2. Always test sample leads prior to buying them, a provider who cannot provide samples for testing with emails, is for sure not having a good leads to showcase. We provide 500 sample leads from any target you require for evaluation and testing prior to your buying commitment.
  3. Check what their replacement validity or email delivery guarantee is? The normal industry standard for email delivery assurance is 94-96%, anything lower than that will have an impact on your email server reputation.
  4. Check if the provider gives email validation status along with last verified date, this can be useful to compare the email validation results generated from the data providers server against yours. We provide email verification status and date and time stamp of last processed verification with the file we deliver to our clients.


Keeping the above key points while you choose your email service and leads and also, don’t settle for a bulk email purchase, always try a pilot test between 5K-25K names to begin with and then based on the response rate you can buy the next lot of names. We always discourage our customers buying in bulk, we suggest them to pilot test a smaller data set and then buy the bigger lot if the test works.


B2B Data Quest is always committed to providing high quality leads and support to our clients. We are always available to help our clients with their email marketing solutions, from building customized leads to designing campaigns, campaign execution with tracking and reporting. If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with us for a free consultation.


Wishing all a quick roll over from the current situation and good luck with your efforts.